Proactiv 30-day Kit Honest Review
Proactiv 30-day Kit Honest Review

Proactiv 30-day Kit Honest Review

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Proactiv 30-day Kit Honest Review

Finally, I have tried this Proactiv skin care product. I am honestly hesitant to use this because lately I have been using no-alcohol, and less irritant facial skin care products and I was afraid that this product may wrongly interact on my face, however, I still give it a try.

Quick info:

Just to give you a brief info about PROACTIV this is an acne remedy or solution for any person who is suffering from acne and breakouts. Proactive has a 30-day and 60-day kit and what I used is the 30-day kit. It is a 3-step anti-acne regimen. The product also helps you to have a positive outlook on life – why? because many Hollywood celebrities and many people have tried this product and it cures their acne breakout.
Everyone wants to have a clear and good looking skin especially our face. It gives us more confidence especially if our work involves meeting new people every day. Not everyone is blessed with clear and no acne face so for people who suffer from acne I strongly suggest to use Proactiv kit.
People who are suffering from tremendous acne – this is your holy grail! I have watched many youtube videos and have seen photos on the internet that their face is clear from acne after using Proactiv. The best part of this skin care regimen is you won’t get confused about using it because every bottle has labels on which bottle you will use first.
Proactiv step 1


Proactiv step 2


Proactiv step 3


Proactiv step 4
First step: Renewing Cleanser
Second step: Revitalizing Toner
Third step: Repairing Treatment
Last step: Refining Mask
So get acne-free and remain like that for the rest of the year, or even until next year. How do you do it? Simply visit Watsons and SM the Store nationwide and bring home the tried, tested and proven Proactiv. Price is at P2,495 for the 30-day kit and P3,995 for the 60-day kit.
Watch my video to see my first impressions of this product.
This is a sponsored product but I gave an honest review for Proactiv.