Product Review – Loreal Revitalift Magic Blur

I purchased online BDJ’s December box and to my surprise it’s all Loreal beauty products which I’m so excited to try it. One of my skin dilemma is my dark under eye. I’ve tried so many products to lessen my dark under eye and this Loreal Revitalift Magic Blur is what I tried for only 3 days straight.

As you can see under normal indoor light, my under eye is way too dark on my skin tone. And I have fine line as well…

After using the product for 3 days there’s really a difference now and my under eye did lessen its dark spots.

How to use:

After morning and evening facial wash, I put enough amount of Loreal Magic Blur on my makeup brush and lather gently on my under eye and on my crease.

My verdict:

It’s really effective and and it does give an instant smothness on my under eye and crease. It does lessen the darkness and some fine lines on my under eye.

I will continue to use the product until I finish the whole small tube.

*This is not a sponsored post and my reviews are honest and not biased*

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