Product Review on Jeunesse Pads
Product Review on Jeunesse Pads

Product Review on Jeunesse Pads

*Updated* Since my last pregnancy back in 2012 my dysmenorrhea, migraine and leg cramps got worst. For some reason, I had hormonal imbalance for 2 years now and its sucks! Not just its tremendously painful before and during my period but having hormonal imbalance also affects my mood. Though I have never tried taking pills (ever!) to correct my hormonal imbalance, I think using the correct sanitary pads every day (panty liner) and during the period (sanitary day/night pads) will help my PMS lessen. 

I tried using JEUNESSE product 2 mentrual cycle already. On my first use of their everyday liners, I instantly liked it because it feels like you’re not wearing any liners at all. It’s very comfortable wearing it and I personally liked their Night Pads because I easily get leaks when I use other products and because I zumba even during my period, I personally recommend to use night pads. I religiously use Jeunesse everyday liners before and after my period. On the label it says:
– Helps eliminate odor
– Help reduce feminine discomfort

The pads have special GREEN ANION strip that helps:
– Eliminates unwanted odor
– Improves blood circulation
– Fights against vaginal irritations and infections
– Reduces dysmenorrhea
– Lowers stress level and boost energy levels.

Us Filipina women, it is common to use sanitary pads unlike others use tampons. It is advisable to change pads every 3-4 hours to prevent discomfort and build up of bacteria that causes odor / foul smell below. 

My tip:
– Use a cotton sanitary pads with breathable bottom
– Use super absorbent pads and leak guards
– Drink lots of water and citric juices
– Use a safe and less fragrant feminine wash
– Change pads every 3 hours
– Wash every time you pee (not just wiping off)
Do all these and your body will thank you!

Jeunesse pads are available on Mercury Drug Store, and all leading supermarket nationwide.

Product Review on Jeunesse Pads