Quick tour / Malaysia Lay Over
Quick tour / Malaysia Lay Over

Quick tour / Malaysia Lay Over


It’s been years since I last set foot in Malaysia and last June I was back here after 15 years. In 2002, my aunt and I went to JB (Johor Bahru) just to go shopping as we were staying in Singapore for 2 weeks and so we’re not able to travel to other parts of Malaysia. When you hear about Kuala Lumpur first thing that came to your mind is the Petronas Tower, however, there’s so much to see in Kuala Lumpur aside from the tall buildings and other modern structure in the city. An hour drive will take you to some of Malaysia’s famous tourist spot. And from where we stayed it’s about 40-minute drive (morning drive).

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12 midnight and we took an UBER going to our hotel – Oakwood Hotel and Residence. It took us almost an hour drive and we paid 1500 PHP / 20 USD for our UBER. Expensive because the airport is about 40km away from the city proper.
We stayed in a 1-bedroom Apartment Deluxe that cost 8,000 PHP / 160 USD per night for 3 persons with buffet breakfast. We had our own living room, dining, and a very spacious bathroom. The hotel provided a foldable bed and placed it in the living room so the 3rd person can sleep on. Which by the way, I opt to stay there and my two travel buddies/blogger shared on the King size bed.
Oakwood Hotel Residence used to be  Condominium Residence with two buildings but after a few years they renovated the other building and made it to a hotel residence. The hotel is perfectly located at the city center where bus stops are close and convenient stores, restaurants are just walking distance.
There is two separate LED tv, one on the bedroom and the other one is in the living room. Unfortunately, we’re not able to enjoy our stay here at the hotel because we just slept here, had breakfast in the morning then leave to go to Batu Cave then after the tour we leave as we have a flight going to Bangkok, Thailand after lunch.
I wish to stay longer at the hotel and maybe when I’m back in Kuala Lumpur I will definitely stay again at the hotel and this time 3-4 days.





After we had breakfast at the Oakwood Hotel and Residence, we book an UBER going to Batu Caves. If my memory serves me right, we paid only 400 PHP / 8 USD for our UBER but from Batu Cave going to Petronas Tower there are no UBER in the area so instead of taking the bus we rode in a taxi and we paid more this time around 450 – 500 PHP /  9- 10 USD.



We arrived at a perfect time in the morning around 9 am and there is only few tourists yet so we’re able to enjoy the place and took a lot of photos with fewer photo bombers, lol. Here you’ll find pigeons and monkeys roaming around the vicinity and the massive Hindu statue – Lord Murugan.
If you want to see inside the cave you have to climb up 272 steps (stairs) which by the way I only went up to 55 steps and let Charlotte get inside the cave since she’s the youngest and still have strong stamina, lol.



There are 4 or 5 temples here and only 2 is open to the public at the time we’re here. One is inside the cave and one outside.


After spending 1 1/2 hour here we head straight to the Petronas Tower and just took photos of the tallest building in Malaysia that houses restaurants and company offices.

It was a very short stay in Kuala Lumpur and definitely will be back here soon and will be staying longer to experience more of Malaysia’s local culture, cuisine and see other spots and beaches as well.
From Singapore, we take a flight going to Kuala Lumpur via AirAsia and we paid 1,500 PHP / 30 USD. 
From Manila there are numerous flights going to KL, you can choose to take Philippines Airlines, AirAsia or Cebu Pacific. Flight fare range from 2,500 – 4,000 1 way depending on the season and airline of choice.

I suggest you always check for airline promos and other booking apps like Traveloka, Skyscanner or CheapOair.

Have you been here to Malaysia? What other places did you suggest visiting on my next trip here?


(hotel stay is sponsored but review are honest and not biased)

Quick tour / Malaysia Lay Over