Scrumptious dinner at Itallianis

Filipinos have embraced the love for foreign dishes like Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many other cultural dishes. Many restaurant have their own version and try to incorporate some local spices and taste. We, Filipinos love pasta and other red sauce dishes. Perhaps its because we are colonized by many other countries and we adapt their dishes and as the time passes, were able to make our own version.

Pinoy pasta is on the sweet side, which kids and many Filipinos like. But I want my pasta to be on the authentic side which is tangy and less sauce.

Itallianis brings out the best pasta dishes and other grilled meats. Hungry-tummy??? Here’s a BIG cut of Pork Chop – its tender and I love the greasy gravy sauce, Lol.

Breaded Chicken with melted cheese on top – Yum!

Love Pizza? Here’s our Bacon and Pineapple Pizza.

We orderd 2 set of meal which is good for 4-6 persons. Cousin Maff paid around 2,000 php – total bill.

Scrumptious dinner at Itallianis

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