Simpler Online Classes by Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft
Simpler Online Classes by Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft

Simpler Online Classes by Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft

Online teaching is a huge leap from traditional learning. There are millions of educators in the same situation – many people feel like they’re plunged into new video-conference territory and uncertain how to navigate a virtual learning world that they don’t know.

Big companies like Lenovo introduced to the market their Lenovo Edvision to help educators and students to have a better online learning experience. They partnered with Microsoft, one of the leading tech companies in the world that provides an easy user-friendly interface.

Lenovo Edvision and Microsoft are teaming up to support educators to have a simpler and better way of remote teaching. One of the best tools to use is Microsoft Google Meet.

Microsoft Google Meet

Google Meet is a safer option for home-based teachers; it’s safe and packed with valuable remote-teaching features that will make distance learning a breeze for teachers and students.

Teachers / Educators are using the Google Calendar to set up a virtual classroom. Google Calendar will submit reminder updates to students shortly before class begins. It can be submitted hours before or a day before the class and simply by using the same google meet connection for the rest of the week.

Simply doing this makes it much easier for teachers, and particularly for young students who are not computer-savvy. This will make it much easier for students to quickly access their online classes.


lenovo kid


Educational Online Games and Activities

For teachers, if you have shy-camera students especially it’s their first day of attending the online class. You may want to create online activities to make your students ease up.

Sample Online Activities:

Show and Tell – have your students take a turn in sharing something special for them.

Pet Parade – let your students show their pets

Art Show – students will create artwork and show it to their classmates online

Snacking and Chatting – let your student chit chat while having their recess. This will encourage them to socialize even online.


Chelsey Playing drums

Movement Activities

Exercise – this encourages the students to have a physical movement/activity before starting your online class

Bring Me / Scavenger Hunt – remember how this game is popular during birthdays. This is a very good activity, especially for young students.

These are the activities that my daughter personally did over the past 2 months of their distance learning. These activities made them easier to interact with their classmates. Also, my kid is attending her online music class every week and they also use Google Meet to attend her online music one-on-one lesson.




Tip: If you are having internet slow connection, let your students turn off their camera and mic. You may also turn off the google meet chat so the teacher will have a better internet connection and less lag as well.

Also, Google Meet is much safer to use than other Online Meeting Websites / Software which is more prone to hacking and spam.

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