Solaire’s 2nd Anniversary – Food Crawl

I am thrilled that I’ve been part of the Solaire’s Second Year Anniversary, and to celebrate with them, we’ve been part of their 6-restaurant food crawl. My stomach is not prepared for this food crawl, but I survived! Lol.

The first stop on our 6-restaurant food crawl is Finestra. First on the menu is Saltimbocca Alla Sorrentina. This is Finestra’s Anniversary special offer. This ground beef topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella and basil is a perfection. If only they served it with rice, I will surely have 3 pieces of this little beefy meat. 
The second stop is at Waterside. They served us Paella Valenciana, a famous Spanish rice topping with great choices of seafood. Surf and Turf, this is a combination of meat, fish and seafood. Hanger steak, Salmon, Pork Ribs and Prawns. This meal made me full already. I love their Salmon, it is cooked to perfection and the Pork Ribs, the taste explodes in your mouth, 2 thumps up for that. And lastly Coaster, a Humita and Potato Carbonara. Humita is a pureed corn with a little kick of spice in it.

We went to Oasis Garden Cafe to try their delightful deserts such as Butterscotch macaroon cake, Blondies with roasted mango and avocado and Strawberry Chiffon cake. The butterscotch cake has layers of almond caramel filled with caramel and butterscotch parfait and roasted almonds. Blondies have fresh roasted mango and avocado panacotta. And lastly, Strawberry cake is their version of red velvet cake with vanilla mascarpone filling and fresh strawberries.

Red Lantern is our 4th stop. Tried their anniversary special offer Wuxi Braised Ribs. This succulent ribs is very tender, and again another dish that needed to pair with rice.

5th stop, Yakumi, a Japanese restaurant that served Ehou Maki for Solaire’s 2nd anniversary. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a bite on this Maki because I’m not a big fan of Japanese Cuisine. However, I love Tempura (that’s it!)

And for our 6th and last stop is at the Strip. This bad boy meat is their Anniversary Special dish, Pastrami-Spiced Black Angus Beef Short Ribs. The beef is spiced with 4 different pepper corn such as, Black, White, Red and Purple Pepper Corn. A great way to end our night by this mouth watering, super tender beef.

For more info visit Solaire in Macapagal Ave.

Solaire’s 2nd Anniversary – Food Crawl

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