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Sun Life Asset Management: Prosperity Card in 1000 Denomination

When we think about investment and asset management, we get intimidated and think that it only applies to wealthy people that they’re the only ones can afford. Filipinos should be more proactive and educational and find better ways to save up and invest our savings and money in some other ways. Good thing that Sun Life is offering a new Asset Management Policy for us Filipinos an affordable way to invest.






Sun Life Prosperity Card

The Canadian Insurance Company now offers an affordable and easier way to invest and grow our money thru their Sun Life Prosperity Mutual Fund. It is purely an investment policy for as low as 1,000 Pesos you can invest in their stocks.


Sun Life Prosperity Funds


What is Prosperity Card and How to avail it?

  • You can ask a Sun Life Agent or go to your nearest Sun Life branch office and fill up a form for Sun Life Prosperity Card.
  • Since this is a physical card you can give this as a gift to your loved ones and children or friends. Think of a Gift Card perse. However, ones you gave this Prosperity Card, the recipient should contact a Sun Life agent and fill up a form so he/she can be the owner of this policy card where they can now enjoy the benefits on earning from investments.
  • There’s no expiry for this card.
  • 18 years old and above can only avail this
  • For existing Sun Life policyholder, you may contact your agent if you want to avail this card.
  • It’s a one-time investment given if you avail the 5-year lockin with no intention of withdrawal within 5 years so you will not be charged with a 1%  fee for withdrawal transactions made.
  • If you want to avail this for your child, you may entrust this policy to your child and transferable ones the child reach the legal age.





Is it risky?

Yes, all investments and stock are all risky. But why fret if you trust the company you’re investing in to.


Personally, will I avail this?

Definitely, Yes!


Again, for as low as 1,000 Pesos you can invest in one of the largest and top Life and Asset Insurance company in the world.


For more info, please visit the Sun Life website:

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