Legal Advice In Puerto Galera – Atty. Maria Rosario S. Tam-Armamento
Legal Advice In Puerto Galera – Atty. Maria Rosario S. Tam-Armamento

Legal Advice In Puerto Galera – Atty. Maria Rosario S. Tam-Armamento

It’s not new to me meeting and getting in touch with an attorney. Since we have a lawyer in our family, as a kid we are exposed to some issues or cases they’re dealing with. May it be a civil or criminal case. I have been listening to my parents and aunties discussion whenever my aunt (a criminal lawyer and former chairperson of NAPOLCOM Rizal division) tell stories about how she won this case etc.
I was really amazed at how they bravely and intelligently win these cases. Not long ago, I personally had 2 circumstances where I needed legal advice and what I learned about those experiences is that you need to get to know your possible lawyer. Because it will depend on your case if he/she can win your case or not.
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Here in the Philippines, you can find a lot of Law Offices where you can get legal advice and one of which is Attorney Maria Rosario S. Tam-Armamento.


We finally get to interview her and here’s our discussion:


What is your forte? Criminal or civil case? Family lawyer? Corporate lawyer?
I usually handle Civil Cases. My husband is a prosecutor so to avoid possible conflicts, as much as possible I am selective in the criminal cases I handle. If I see that the criminal case is really meritorious, if the accused would really need representation so that he will not be deprived of justice I would usually represent that client. – I also handle annulment cases and handle matters for corporations.
How long have you been practicing law?
I’ve been a lawyer since 2006. So I’ve been in the practice of law for 14 yrs already.
What cases do you usually handle? If handling annulment case, who’s your usual client (husband or wife)?
The bulk of my court cases are annulments. When I started practicing I was pretty sure that most of the clients I would represent would be women, but, surprisingly, most of my clients are men. Maybe I was naive in thinking that men are the usual culprits in infidelity and other wrongdoings in marriage because that is what we usually watch on tv or read in newspapers, but women also do it. – I have seen several men cry in my office and even in court because they really tried to make their marriage work but their spouses just made their marriage impossible.
What is your typical client? (Middle class, upper class)?
Middle to upper class
Legal fee?
Do you accept pro-bono?
Yes, I accept pro bono cases. I am a member of the IBP Legal aid in our province.
What’s the hardest case have you had?
All cases, for me, are hard. When I take on a case, I really believe in my client’s cause and I would really try my best to give my client all my best efforts and to see to it that their rights under the law are respected. So whether it’s a civil or criminal case, I spend hours after hours researching the pertinent points of law and jurisprudence. Even when I’m home, I still go over my mind the possible arguments in my client’s favor. I apply this not only for paying clients but for pro bono cases as well. I really take it to heart that lawyers are the only defense of litigants against injustice.
If you’re in need of legal advice, you may visit their law office.
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Tam-Armamento Law Office

Muelle, Poblacion, Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro


In Need of Legal Advice In Puerto Galera- Atty Maria Rosario S. Tam-Armamento