Terrarium Under 700 Pesos
Terrarium Under 700 Pesos

Terrarium Under 700 Pesos

One of the many decorating ideas in your house is to have a Terrarium. This closed glass container containing soil, rocks, and plants is a perfect decor on your table top or anywhere inside your house.

I have been wanting to have my own terrarium to add more life and greens inside my house.

I have been researching what plants I should put in since this will be my first tine to do this and I’m very much excitedly to this small project.


Terrarium under 700 Pesos

Yes, you read it right! I only spent 700 Pesos / 14 USD to this 12 inch glass terrarium.

Things I bought online:

12 inch glass with lid – 300 Pesos / 6 USD

2 Fittonia (Green and Red variegation) – 300 Pesos / 6 USD

Calathea Burle – 100 Pesos / 2 USD


I still have a lot of Loam soil, perlite, amd stones in my garden so I didn’t need to buy one.


How to:

I placed all rocks in the outer most part in the terrarium and placed the soil in the middle. I do this so the soil is not too exposed since the terrarium is see-thru.

I evenly spaced all the small plants so their roots will have room to grow. Also, I have plans on adding more plants in it.

By the way, I found an almost same look of a rabbit fern outside my laundry area. I was so happy because I don’t have to buy more plants to add in my terrarium.

After placing all the plants, I evenly watered it, just enough water to cover the roots.


Tip: do not over water since the terrarium has no drainage at the bottom. Make sure to spray or lightly water the plants every 7-10 days. Check if the soil is dry. Really dry!


So there, I have a new decor in my bar counter and I super love it!