The Philippine Roadtrip Will Visit All 81 Provinces In The Philippines

A traveler like me dreams to visit all 81 provinces in our beloved country – Philippines. 

But only a few has able to conquer it, lack of travel funds and not enough time to travel are a few reasons to it. However, this should not hinder us to fulfill our dream. These three men, all graduates of the University of Santo Thomas are called “The Baconeers”. They will travel the whole Philippines and will visit all 81 provinces in 6 months, of course with  the help of their trusted sponsors. Go hiking, cross the bridge, sail on the ocean and road trip with their 45-year-old Volkswagen – Cupcake. 

As they cover the 81 provinces in the Philippines and in partnership with an NGO – The Liter of Light they also aim to give light to the rural areas using a solar powered lamp. There is still part of the Philippines that doesn’t have electricity and children on those rural communities suffer especially the students. Now, they can have a sustainable light using this solar powered lamp.
I have only been in 15 provinces and I still have a long way to go, but hey! I got the whole 2016 to see the remaining provinces in the PH.

Follow their journey as they have started their road trip last March 19th. 

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The Philippine Roadtrip Will Visit All 81 Provinces In The Philippines

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