The Power of Social Media
The Power of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

Millions of people around the globe have mobile phones and have access to the WORLD WIDE WEB. Our world has become easier to communicate with our friends and relatives from other countries, and we can video chat them almost every day as long as we have access to the INTERNET

Unlike many years ago, here in the Philippines if we want to talk to our parents who work abroad, we have to ask our neighbor who has a landline that our parents/relatives will call us on this day and time etc.

This time may have their own mobile phones and have social media accounts such as FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. For me, it’s one of the BEST software ever created, it keeps us connected at updated to our loved ones but somehow, it’s one of the platforms to STALK other people.

Because of these social media platforms, some people became ENVIOUS of someone’s life.  He/she compares their life to someone else. Most of us who has a Facebook and Instagram account post their photos of their family, travel, new bag, new shoes, new gadget and whatever you want to share either to BRAG or you are just happy to share it on social media.
I, myself post photos of my travel, gadget or any product as some of it are SPONSORED by an Airline, Hotel/Hostel, and Brand/company that I collaborate because I am a BLOGGER, and our number 1 duty is to promote it on our SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS not to brag but that is how we exchange business with the company/brand that we collaborate with.
Not everyone understands the nature of my work or maybe they just simply do not know that I am a BLOGGER in the first place, or they just don’t know what a BLOGGER do.


Yes! Of course! It’s just how we defend ourselves from these human beings who don’t know HOW TO GET A LIFE of their own! These people are simply INSECURE and not happy with their lives, so they find flaws about you just to be miserable like them.

We all have problem and issues in life so why compare yours? Do you want to be in my shoe instead? Go ahead, be my guest! I just cannot stand these humans who feel like they are superior to everybody.

Just because you have a career from a different country you need to belittle others especially the HOUSEWIVES. We all have our own lives now and we should be focusing on our spouse/partner, children, work and no other people’s lives!

Have you experience bullying or perhaps gossip from someone you may know or not know? How did you handle it? Let’s use our social media account to empower and inspire other people and not to drag them down and find flaws in their life.

The Power of Social Media