Top 7 Most Romantic Islands In The Philippines
Top 7 Most Romantic Islands In The Philippines

Top 7 Most Romantic Islands In The Philippines

The Philippines, the land of golden sunrises and scenic sunsets at the beach; the ideal, budget-friendly and romantic island nation to escape to, for some quality couple time! Voted ‘best tourist destination’ several times, the lush and beautiful islands in the Philippines have never failed to live up to every expectation of any tourist. If you are looking for a romantic yet easy – on – the – pocket getaway with your better half, one of the many islands in the Filipino archipelago can be your best bet! Read on for the top 7 great romantic holiday ideas in the Philippines.


Top 7 most romantic islands in the Philippines

  1. Boracay



A small island in the central Philippines, approximately 315 kilometers from Manila, Boracay is a mere 7 square kilometer worth of land, known for its quality resorts and hotels. The beautiful beaches on this island have won many tourism awards over the years and there is definitely something for everyone here, in all budget sizes!

For a perfect romantic getaway, there are many activities to do, both on land and water – not to mention air! The beaches and oceans offer clear waters, happening parties, and ample water activities like riding the traditional boats into the sunset, kiteboarding, surfing, zorbing, etc. There are many carriers who take tourists for scuba diving and ocean floor walks too. The beaches have multicuisine restaurants and nobody says no to a cozy and private candlelight dinner for two.

 Boracay has amazing helicopter tours and island-hopping tours as well, which can add fun quotient into your romantic escapade. The blue-green paradise is an amazing idea for your next special holiday.

  1. Palaui Island

The serene and pristine island offers superb scenic beauty and the feeling that you are the first one to set foot on the island! The endless rice fields, the amazing crystal-clear waterfalls, and the clean air are sure to impress you and your partner and push you into the romantic heaven! The island offers varied terrain, promising trekking and hiking opportunity and also to just lay on the white sands on the beach all day. All in all, it is indeed a great place to get romantic!

  1. Cebu


lee fort san pedro


Very convenient to travel to and from, thanks to the nearby Mactan-Cebu International Airport located close to beaches, restaurants, and the best of the resorts. The opportunities for water activities are nearly endless, which ranges from typical touristy things like banana boat rides to quiet snorkeling and enjoying seafloor flora and fauna on an island-hopping tour.

The nearby town of Oslob is famous for the whale shark swimming but it cannot be encouraged a lot because of the ecological issues with it. Instead, consider visiting Moalboal – where you can take part in an exciting canyoneering trek to Kawasan Falls, or snorkel/dive with the sardine shoal surrounded by the some of the most diverse marine life in the world.

  1. El Nido

Perhaps the most popular destination in the Philippines, El Nido is a haven for couples looking for a good, moderately priced and touristy destination to spend some quality romantic time with each other. El Nido has both mountains and the sea – the jagged topography brings the advantage of both the worlds to El Nido. There are crazy waterfalls, passageways into cave systems and what not!

Nacpan Beach, Big and Small lagoons and Miniloc Island are hugely popular. Filled with green, this Avatar-isque landscape will make your memories even more colorful; and guess what, it is not very expensive either! The only downside to El Nido is how crowded this small town is, so for a more well-balanced vacation it might be better to split the days between this place and Coron which is just as beautiful but a bit less developed. Palawan is one of the best places in the Philippines, and you can easily combine a few locations in it to create a well-rounded vacation package that is both romantic and full of adventure.

  1. Bohol

chocolate hills


Known for its amazing coral life and the very striking chocolate hills, Bohol easily comes in the top few places to go in the Philippines for a romantic and budget-friendly holiday. Apart from the Chocolate hills and the water fun, Bohol also has beautiful nature conservatories, Bamboo hanging bridge, paddleboarding in the river and cruises down the Loboc river.

The amazing natural beauty of the place is set to take you to another world – imagine the memories of the love you can create in such an amazing environ! For the ones who need some architecture to complete their experience, there are some stunning churches too, like Baclayon Church and Cathedral of San Jose, which is considered to be the backbone of the culture of the Filipinos.

  1. Siargao Island

The best of waves that attract the best of the surfers from across the world, Siargao is a small teardrop-shaped island in the Philippines. Some great budget island hopping tours can be found from this island. There are also great boat rides available if you just want to be on the sea and not surfing or hopping. You can watch great sunrises at Cloud 9 Pier too and strengthen your romantic bond. Another popular activity is taking a dip in the rock pools. Tayangban cave pool and Sugba Lagoon are two popular places to go to Siargao island. It can be a perfect island holiday for two.

  1. Camiguin Island

10 kilometers off Mindanao in the Bohol Sea, this pear-shaped island has everything you expect from a great island holiday – white sands for miles together, quiet and very blue turquoise waters to clear your head. Activities are many and so are the resorts, but it is quite easy on the budget and also convenient and beautiful. It is a good bet for a budget-friendly romantic holiday for you and your partner.

Katibawsan falls, Mount Hibok Hibok and hot pools, mainly Ardent Hot Springs and Tuasan Falls are the star attractions of this island. There is also clam conservation and Ocean nursery where 7 out of 9 species of clam who survive on this Earth can be found! White Island is also a great place to go from Camiguin, where the sandbar takes different shapes but is quiet and private, so you can enjoy yourself with your beloved.