Top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia
Top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia

Top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia

Top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia

Georgia is a unique country, generously endowed with both natural sights and historical monuments that have survived to our days from the depths of centuries. The country is so rich in interesting places that some of them are unknown even to locals, not to mention tourists. If you are looking for some solitude and want to escape away from the mass gathering of noisy tourists, then we invite you to read this article and get acquainted with the unexplored corners of Georgia.
In this article, we offer the top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia, which have not yet gained popularity among tourists.

a beautiful photo of Sapara Monastery in Georgia

Sapara Monastery

The monastery of Sapara, also known as Safara, is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region near the town of Akhaltsikhe. The name of this ancient treasure of Georgian architecture translates as “hidden”, which is quite justified: in fact, this medieval monastery seemed to huddle among the high mountains, covered from prying eyes by dense forest.


The place of the monastery was chosen for good reason: the true spirit of antiquity is felt here, and due to solitude, one can easily find harmony with God, nature and himself. Sapara Monastery was built from 10 to 13 centuries. Until now, amazing wall murals and skillful intricate stone carvings by Georgian craftsmen have been preserved. Today, Sapara Monastery is a functioning monastery and is home to about 20 monks.

a beautiful scene in Khertvisi Fortress in Georgia


Khertvisi Fortress

The region of Samtskhe-Javakheti is unusually rich in historical monuments. One of them is the ancient fortress of Khertvisi, which is located 15 km from the famous cave complex of Vardzia. The exact date of construction is unknown, but scientists suggest that the fortress of Khertvisi already existed since the 10th century, and later on it passed into the possession of enemy invaders. Khertvisi fortress stands on a high cliff; it offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

a beautiful falls in Martvili canyon Georgia


Martvili canyon

Martvili canyon with its amazing waterfalls will enchant travelers at a glance. Nature here is absolutely pristine: pure and crystal clear waterfalls, emerald green river, subtropical thick forests, and clean air will give the best impressions to eco-tourism lovers. The fabulous Martvill Canyon is located in the Samegrelo region of Western Georgia, 280 km from Tbilisi.

Many years ago Martvili Canyon was a bathing place for Georgian kings and noblemen, today it is a developing tourist destination where people can go hiking and practice whitewater rafting.

a beautiful view of Pitareti Monastery on Georgia


Pitareti Monastery

The Monastery of Pitareti is one of the most inaccessible monasteries in Georgia. To get to the monastery, you need to overcome a rather difficult long road with a river crossing or choose a jeep tour through the winding mountains.

The monastery dates back to the 13th century and is remarkable as one of the last representatives of the Golden Age architecture, as well as for its magnificent specimens of fine stone carving.

a beautiful view of Khevsureti in Georgia



Khevsureti is one of the most beautiful and remote highlands of Georgia. Magnificent mountains and landscapes, medieval architecture with fabulous towers are perfectly combined with each other. Khevsureti settlements in their architecture resemble villages in Svaneti, however, unlike Svaneti, this land is unpopular among tourists and locals.
The architecture of Khevsureti is characterized by the abundance of towers and houses with fortifications, evidencing constant vigilance before the enemy. The most famous settlement in Khertvisi is Shatili, a historical mountain village, famous for its medieval fortress and towers, where even today 15-20 families live.

Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani National Park is located in the eastern part of Georgia. It includes a nature reserve and mud volcanoes. Vashlovani National Park due to its landscape is known as “Georgian Africa”, as it is characterized by a dry climate and reminds African prairies.

In the park, a network of hiking trails is developed, which makes it possible to practice trekking tours for one or several days. The trails are marked and well located. Along the routes, there are bungalows, picnic, and camping areas. Vashlovani National Park offers hiking, geological, biking, photo, cultural and educational tours.

a beautiful place of Vashlovani National Park in Georgia


Sairme Balneological Resort

The balneological resort of Sairme is not so popular, however, it is not inferior to the world-famous Borjomi. Sairme is located about 1000 meters above sea level, 55 km from Kutaisi. This lowland resort is surrounded by subtropical and coniferous forests, whereby the air here is always fresh and healing.
Sairme is famous for its mineral springs, which have a curative effect on the body. Here is also produced “Sairme” bottled mineral water which can be found in many stores. In total, the resort has 4 pavilions with mineral springs, each of which is intended to treat a variety of diseases, such as kidney, genitourinary system, digestion diseases, etc. The resort is also famous for therapeutic thermal waters, the temperature of which reaches 43 degrees.

Thus, it was 7 less discovered but still very inspiring Georgian sights. The South Caucasus hides many other unique and unforgettable places to visit. We advise you not to stop there and continue your journey through the Caucasus. After exploring Georgia, you can visit Armenia and discover its ancient secrets. And we wish you an unforgettable trip to the hospitable Caucasus!

Top 7 non-touristic destinations in Georgia