Traveling to Hong Kong With Kids
Traveling to Hong Kong With Kids

Traveling to Hong Kong With Kids

Travel Guide (family edition)

It’s been 5 years since my last visit in Hong Kong, it was February 2012 when we went here and my first time to be away with my child who was 1 yr/old at that time. I wasn’t ready yet to be away with my kid for 3 days and besides my child can’t appreciate yet the joy of traveling, riding on an airplane etc. So came November 2017, my daughter celebrated her 7’th birthday and we promised to her that we will bring her to Hong Kong since she adores all Disney characters.

I did not plan much our HK trip since all we want to visit is Disneyland and Oceanpark, however, I have plans traveling to Macau since I have never been there and I want to travel alone as well. You see, traveling with kids is NOT EASY.
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My child has motion sickness and she didn’t like being in an air-conditioned vehicle, except for the airplane. So bringing extra clothes, medicine, water, food re all my essential stuff in my bag.

And, it’s much expensive whenever we travel with our daughter. YES, you read it right, sure they are discounted in the theme park entrance fee, but everything they’ll see inside the park, they would want to buy it for them. Toys and food sold in theme parks are very much expensive so if you are on a tight budget, make sure to bring extra money and ready your cards to be swiped, lol.

There are so many ways to stick to your budget even if you bring along your kids with you. you can get discounted theme park tickets, entrance fee to the museum, tours and even fares.

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How to Get to Hong Kong:

Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Air Asia have daily flights from Manila to Hong Kong. Regular airfare will cost around 8,000 to 10,000 PHP / 160 to 200 USD for a roundtrip.

However, if you are patient enough o wait for airline promos, you can get as much discounted price for only 1,500 to 2,000 PHP for a roundtrip ticket.

Travel Tips when traveling with kids:

1. During winter in Hong Kong, always bring sweaters, hoodies, lip balms, and lotions.
2. Hong Kong weather is erratic just like in the Philippines. I suggest bringing small umbrellas because you’ll never know when the rain pours.
3. Always bring extra clothes especially when going around Hong Kong. During winter, the weather is so good to go around Hong Kong without sweating but it’s always best to bring extra clothes for our kids. It’s always better to be prepared.
4. Bring bottled water and snacks/candies.
5. Let your kids wear Identification Card. You can make your own with their picture, name of the guardian/parent. Contact number and email. This is very handy, especially when visiting crowded places like theme parks.
6. Bring small toys/gadgets for your kids’ entertainment especially when on a plane or bus rides.
7. Bring neck pillows. This is very useful not just for you but also for your kids who can easily fall asleep when traveling.




This card is used for bus fares, train, taxi, and even convenient stores around Hong Kong. You can buy your own Octopus Card just right outside the airport, there’s a counter near the bus stop.

Cost: HK$150 with includes HK$100 credit and HK$50 refundable deposit.


Where to go:


Going to Disneyland Hong Kong is easy whichever part of Hong Kong Island you’re coming from. Their train station is amazing and can get you to anywhere in Hong Kong and have a direct train going to Lantau Island where Disneyland is located.

You will be spending 1 whole day at this theme park. For some, 2-day access is their choice as most rides at Disneyland has long queues so they will be able to experience all the thrilling and fun rides. We left our hotel in Mongkok at 7 in the morning, had breakfast in a small restaurant a few meters walk from our hotel and we head straight to the train station to get to Lantau Island.


Travel time from Mongkok Train Station is almost 1 hour. 

Disneyland Entrance Fee: HK$589 /  3,350 PHP / 62 USD for adults and HK$419 / 2,870 PHP / 53 USD for children













Chichi is one of the lucky kid to be part of the Disney parade. And apparently, she’s the only kid who wears a Princess Jasmine costume which I made on her 7’th birthday.


My second time in Hong Kong Disneyland is still not enough to see everything inside the theme park. I wanna go back again!!!







Unfortunately, we only had half a day to go around Ocean Park because Chichi and his dad has a flight going back to Manila in the evening of our 3rd day in Hong Kong. I have a different itinerary from them because I’m heading straight to Macao for my solo traveling.

Ocean Park is also a whole day tour. Aside from exciting rides, kids and kids at heart will enjoy and will be learning the habitats of different animals available at the park. I have visited the Ocean Park in Manila, Subic and Australia’s version and first time to see Hong Kong’s park. It’s huge just like in Australia but the amusement park and the rides are better in Hong Kong as to compare to Australia that is located in Gold Coast.

OCEAN PARK ENTRANCE FEE: 438 HK$ / 3,000 PHP / 55 USD and HK$210 / 1,440 PHP / 26 USD for children. 

Travel time from Mongkong to Ocean Park is 1 hour via train. 


My fave part:

Cablecar rides

The Scenery

having fun at ocean park hone kong


having fun at ocean park hone kong


having fun at ocean park hone kong


We’re not able to maximize our time here and not able to ride some of the thrilling rides but we had fun and able to go around the island. There’s another reason for us to go back to Hong Kong and this time we should stay longer and be able to see what Ocean Park has. I’m pretty sure on our next visit, they will be having more rides and more exciting attractions at the park.
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