Understanding more about distance learning
Understanding more about distance learning

Understanding more about distance learning

The technology provides the tool to do the important work for a better education however, the key to success is still from the teachers. At this unusual time and most educators are not prepared for distance learning there are so many tools and ways to make this happen. Lenovo Edvision Program and Microsoft are what they need so they can provide effective online classes.

With schools worldwide adjusting to COVID-19, it has never been more urgent to have remote learning instruments. To make the transition to distance learning smoother, Lenovo EdVision and Microsoft have developed tools, preparation, and advice that we hope will help classrooms, educators, students, and their families handle their “new normal.”

Education can be a burden, in general, for students who think and study differently. Learning in a simulated environment will aggravate the learning difficulties of students. Students who recognize the instructor to ask for support in person now have to write an e-mail to wait for virtual business hours for a lesson. Students who have been excellent in classroom communities and hands-on exercises now must truly ‘play education’ on a screen.

If you are a parent of a High schooler then I believe you have less problem as to compare if you have a grade-schooler like me. Teachers need to teach their students to navigate the computer as well as the parents/guardians who also need to be familiar with the interface and website that the school and students are using.

Expectations in Remote Learning

  • Volume of work
  • Class schedule
  • How to get technical help
  • Parents and role in the learning

Pros in Distance Learning

  • Teacher and Students can connect from anywhere
  • Track student grades and progress remotely from any device
  • Ease of access from any device to communicate with teachers and students
  • Class schedule or remedial are flexible


Since this is digital learning, the mode of communication of teachers to parents is email. We must also take considerations at the time of availability and replying to emails and inquiries especially after class hours. Students and teachers have their own platform to use for online classes.

Remote education is surely not a silver bullet, and there will still be a place to learn in class. Distance learning also has a lot of known ability to link educators and learners to students where they are. The future of learning appears to be as distance in time, from improved versatility to new forms of learning.

Lenovo EdVision and Microsoft Tools Available for Distance Learning

Lenovo EdVision, Microsoft Team together with Google Classroom provides ultimate flexibility. Deliver content, provide communication to students, and have them practice content through assignments, and teachers can also provide assessment through these platforms.

Having one program or system can make it easier for teachers and students to have a better workflow.

For more info visit https://www.lenovo.com/ph/en/edvision and like their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/LenovoEdvision