What 2020 Has Taught Us
What 2020 Has Taught Us

What 2020 Has Taught Us

This pandemic taught us many things that we never imagined we will be doing. At this time, many of us became instant bakers, cooking experts, plant enthusiasts, and a lot more.

Before this pandemic occurred globally in January 2020, I have been collecting and making myself busy with gardening. I love planting seeds all vegetables I love eating such as lettuce, tomatoes, and even herbs, like basil and chives. I have also planted eggplants, chilis, and okra as well.
Gardening is fun. Imagine that it saves you money and you are eating organic food as well.


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I have seen many of my friends begun collecting indoor plants, baking cookies, and selling their best home-cooked meals online. This pandemic taught us to be resilient, and to have a positive outlook in life, to survive, to live, and to become healthier.




Who would have also thought that online classes will be global in our education system? Imagine our kids were not able to enjoy playing outside, because of the fear that they might catch the Coronavirus. Our daily lives have changed as well. Travelers got stuck at home doing their online jobs, regular office employees and educators have to attend their classes and work online.

We wish this 2021 will be a better year for all of us. That we may be able to go out freely, no more wearing of face mask and shields, we can be able to travel again, enjoy the parks, watch a movie, eat in our favorite restaurant, and enjoy the life without fearing of the Corona Virus.