No Stress Look for the Holiday Season with The Zen Institute
No Stress Look for the Holiday Season with The Zen Institute

No Stress Look for the Holiday Season with The Zen Institute

No Stress Look by Zen Institute Facial Treatments

The Zen Institute

It’s time for parties this December, and of course, we need to remember to give some love to all- most especially to ourselves and our skin! With all these events and late nights from last minute work, you’re bound to have a couple of acne breakouts or skin dehydration. The Zen Institute is here to help us out in bringing that Holiday Glow while braving the rush of the holidays with a facial or two *wink wink*
Treat yourself to self-care appointment at the Zen Institute, and they’re definitely ready to help guide us in achieving not just glow on our face but holistic health as well.
The Zen Institute

They have a couple of new treatments like:

  • the happy life which is a non-surgical facelift which utilizeItItalian mediums and they can last for a  little more than a year
  • HiFu which is noninvasive facial and body contouring which requires NO downtime!

HiFu will definitely help us from obsessive titas who constantly ask if we’ve gained weight during reunions all year round! The Zen Institute has the perfect service for you, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle:

Teenage Treatment

The Zen Institute
For Teens, as we have all been there during the time insecurities as our body changes, The Zen Institute has services like IPL and Diode Painless Hair Removal which targets their unwanted hair and skin darkening right at the source.

Anti Aging

Bring back life to your dulling skin with a shot of Glutathione, Vitamin C and placenta injection or reduce your age spots caused by acne or sun damage with their Carbon Laser which selectively spares the epidermis from damage. You can also try their Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and Plasma Ion for augmenting deep lines and minimizing wrinkles and with Platelet Rich Plasma which promotes cellular regeneration, you’re definitely on your way to a youthful you!
For reducing skin sagging, HappyLift and UltraContour HiFu is the key, especially when administered to certain points of the face.


But hey- why wait when you can prevent all the wrinkles and sagging and dullness? You can deal with your acne problems earlier with a facial skin spa and state of the art Carbon Laser Treatment, Diamond Peels to remove dead skin cells and Derma Point which promotes collagen renewal.
The Zen Institute
If you are targeting double chins, you can opt for Mesolipo or the noninvasive UltraSlimLight Treatment that combines radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical massage promoting detox and lymphatic drainage.
I did the Resolift for myself (above) which is made for that and I definitely feel that my chin is a bit more contoured!
before and after

A couple of sessions with the Zen Institute is perfect if you’re looking for a bit of help after all the parties and Noche Buena food trips!

Motherly Care

You should definitely not feel guilty when caring for yourself as well as your baby, cause if you’re not at your peak health, how can you give care for your little ones? And I know this from experience.
The Zen Institute has Pregnancy safe treatments like GAP and Vitamin C Push which addresses the possible increased acne and hyperpigmentation caused by hormones and the pregnancy. Stretchmarks caused by pregnancy are also reversible with Dermapoint, Platelet Rich Plasma and of course, you should treat yourself to facials like Diamond peel to not look haggard even if you’re suffering from late nights with nursing your baby!

Athletic Aptitude

And yes, even athletes need some self-care too! If you’re an athlete, keep yourself boosted to your maximum potential with IV Myer’s Pre-Game Cocktail which contains vitamins and minerals that help prepare the body for strenuous activities, aid in faster recovery, and give better endurance. The Zen Institute also offers a 21-day program called Ha2CG, which aims to liberate stored fats and convert them into usable energy minus the loss of muscle mass.
The frequency of these treatments is done in a protocol based approach, wherein you’ll be consulting with owner and Medical Director Dr. MJ Torres, and the treatments plus frequency is tailored to suit your body’s needs. Dra. Torres is a firm believer that beauty starts from within, and you can see this in The Zen institute’s philosophy where they tailor fit and suggest treatments not just on our wants, but what they see we need as well.
“There are no quick fixes when it comes to beauty. Achieving beauty is an art, a journey to self-improvement, through evidence-based therapy,” shares Dr. MJ.
The Zen Institute
So when you’re around Divisoria, completing your Christmas gift list for the inaanaks, remember that you can also get your glow on with having a facial or two at the Zen Institute in Binondo. Or their other branches in BGC and Quezon City. Check them out below!

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